"a day without laughter is a day wasted"

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Marriage: Bitter Sweet Symphony

I heard people complain about their marriage all the times. Why? I could never least till I get married one day.

They argue about having the right partner to spend their lifetime with....they even argue bout not marrying to a rich man so that they could spend lots of money for anything they...they argue bout how their partner are so slow whenever they try to ask them to do anything...arghhhhhh and lots other..

Why bother married at the first place if you want to have such complaints.....
is it to halalkan things? so that ur child will have bin or binti on their name?

They can choose what kind of life they want to have....just being part of the cycle or...stop complaining and try to improve their relationships.

You should appreciate for what you have...if you can't work it...move out from the cycle ..and live you life as you want it to be.....

Another phsycotic days...


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

is it true- the world is flat?

Currently I'm reading a book called "THE WORLD IS FLAT". Just finished at page 35.

How in the world the writer claimed that the world now is flat? As far as page 35 can tell, it is all about outsourcing + human capacity building in ict world. Well don't bother bout it. India & China compete to be the best outsourcing partner for US & Japan. Do you know that Malaysia rank 3rd in the survey for outsourcing behind India & China? See how good Malaysians are compared to singaporians, taiwanese, koreans?Each country in the world competing with each other to be step ahead from their competitor.

I just finished my 2nd interview with one of the public listed company in KL. It's not because i hate my current job. I just need some "COMPETITION". Working in a semi-gov agency does not help much in terms of competition. Most of them prefer to keep their busy schedule with butt-kissing the senior mgmt rather than delivering their jobs. I really hope i'll be able to make a good choice.

Life is about making choices.

"a day without laughter is a day wasted"

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Fatih & Eebal

Happy Birthday to my good friends; fatih gajahmada & budak suci eebal.
We all celebrate dekat TGIF Subang Parade. Hujan lebat petang tuh so ramai dtg lewat. Memandangkan bosan nuggu diorg kitaorg yg sampai dulu ni orderla food. Aku dgn semangatnye order "triple play" patu minah waitress tu pun confuse. Aku pun tunjuk gambarla....lor baru ingat aku bukan makan dekat Chillies...huhu ok lompek dok nak order air...belek punye belek dia kata kat minah tuh "saya nak air kaler biru nih" suke2 je kasi name baru. Anyway, we had such good time. All the craziness - mcm nak roboh tempat tu dibuatnye. I love their dessert "mocha mud pie"...combination of vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge and brownie...nyum nyum. Last but not least, wishing my frens -many happy returns & love all around ...
"a day without laugther is a day wasted"

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

HEY YA!!!!!


You will see the word "huhu" a lots later on. By my definition, its a cheers sign...*tee hee*. Just like me!!!!!! But I felt sad when I've decided to leave "modblog". I've been blogging since 23/12/2003. Anyway I hope to catch my old and new fren with this new blog - bertique, mummy elisa, teksi kunen, famygirl, berry bear, lollies, pizzofmine, charmed one, my honey & drac wizard of course ....huhu
"a day without laughter is a day wasted"